29 Sunset

music by "that guy"


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ferris bueller needed some goddamn consequences

clicking and liking in a swirling ouroboros of attention

like love is just a construct

did you watch my tiktok about how coffee tastes better in the bathroom

i'm i hurt my neck towel drying my hair years old

build more housing

i look cool in shorts unlike you

college was an eternal weekend

you're not sitting in traffic you are the traffic


One Day for Every Inch of Road


Get Me the Hell Out of Union County


29 Sunset began in San Francisco, circa 2000, when David and a high school buddy began making music together that amused them.

Songs included a freestyle rap about a Batman comic book lying on the floor, an electro-clash composition with inscrutable lyrics that mentioned "Norwegian butter", and an acoustic punk cover of "Proud Mary". The buddy never formally left the group, but these days, 29 Sunset is David's project alone. He lives in San Francisco, makes music that amuses him (and, he imagines, other elder millennials), and while most of his songs so far might be categorized as "indie rock", there's no telling what he'll try next, because he's not a good enough musician to stick to any one genre.

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